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VAHA to host the Calligraphy Cut Course with Frank Bormann

20 Nov 2014 | Categories: In The News | Posted by: z11comm

We’re proud to be hosting a Calligraphy Cut Course with Frank Brormann at the Visage Advanced Hair Academy.

One hairdresser – one passion

Every hairdresser enjoys full hair with maximum space for creativity – everyone but Frank Brormann. His passion is the industry’s greatest challenge, as he prefers rather fine and delicate hair. Brormann’s successful approach to this specific hair type resulted in his Calligraphy Cut, which gives fine hair the structure and richness it deserves while it equally provides for the wow-effect when it comes to thick hair.

But there is more to it than that: With Englisch cutting techniques and updos Frank Brormann knows how to convince on the biggest events of the industry, presenting a new collection each and every year. Once a disciple of Vidal Sassoon in Hamburg and long hair expert Patrick Cameron in London, Frank Brormann eventually has become a role model for young hairdressers himself. It is not only the focus on thin hair which sets Brormann apart from other stars of the industry, but also the exceptional closeness to his customers. Time permitting, he is present in his salons, personally advising his customers and proving the high quality of his cuts over and over again.

Frank Brormann is not a fan of professional secrecy – he has always passed on his knowledge and skill as for him success is not designed to serve the ego but rather to advance the whole industry. This notable attitude finally led to the opening of an own academy.

20 years – 50 countries

Frank Brormann has already moved on from the central milestones of a hairdresser’s career: between 1996 and 2011 he attended shows in Korea, Chile, Brazil, Mailand, Barcelona and Paris and held seminars all over the world. Within 20 years he visited over 50 countries – even so he is still far from complete satisfaction. Since Calligraphy Cut had its world premiere at the IC Mondial Performance in Paris in September 2011, he and his team are to be found regularly in the national and international media as well as at awards presentations. The history of Calligraphy Cut has just begun. Frank Brormann’s international experience paved the way for his cutting technique to be a real export hit. By now Calligraphy Cut is available in six countries around the globe – with many more to come. At the same time Brormann creams off the profits: the innovation award „Diamond Ideas“ in November 2011, the award “Salon of the Year” for his salon threesixtyhair in 2012 and finally the “Salonstar” for “Best Innovation” in 2014. Certainly, Frank Brormann has some good prospects.

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May 11 – Business Sense with Frank Gambuzza

18 Oct 2014 | Categories: 2015 courses | Posted by: z11comm

Student Profile:

This course is ideal for salon owners, stylists that rent booths, stylists that wish to expand their careers.


Course starts at 9:30 and runs until 4:30pm with a 1 hour break for lunch. Course cost is $149.

With the completion of this course, student will be awarded a certification of completion from VAHA.

May 11- Frank Gambuzza

Are you looking to grow your salon/career? Learn tips and techniques from Frank Gambuzza, whose career has spanned more than 30 years. He started Salon Visage in 1984 and it has grown into a multi-million dollar company with more than 100 employees. He is also one of the three Tennessee members of the exclusive Intercoiffure America/Canada and has served on its board.

  • Learn how to create a growth oriented team environment
  • Tips for increasing your profit margin
  • Learn how to motivate and retain employees, improve moral, and improve guest services
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